SC Digital Art Gallery Submission Form

SC Digital Art Gallery Submission Form

Welcome to Student Centers' Digital Art Gallery Submission form. We are honored to provide students with an opportunity to showcase their graphic designs or scanned art in the Student Centers.

Please read graphic requirements and fill out the form completely before submitting your request
All submissions must be the original artwork designed/created by the submitter.

The artwork will be showcased on the left screen and accompanied by a brief description (provided by submitter) on the right screen. Click here to view sample

 Art Gallery Screen Dimensions 

  • Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 pixels

 All files must be submitted as a PNG or JPEG and saved at 72 dpi.

  • Save the file with the name formatted as seen below: date_lastnameofartist.jpeg (or  PNG)

For more information please contact - Eve Esch, Student Centers Director:

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Relationship to University:
Name of Art Submission:
Share a brief description about your artwork. (200 characters or less)

Upload File Here (.JPEG/.PNG @ 72 dpi.) (File must not exceed 5 MB)